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The Philippines Transportation

The Philippines is generally a very safe place, however as with everywhere caution is advised, especially when arriving at the airport. The tips below should help to ensure that your trip runs smoothly and avoids any unnecessary hiccups.

Arriving in Manila can be a daunting experience and precautions do need to be taken. We strongly advise you not to take taxis that are loitering around, instead we recommend that you always request a hotel pick up. After all when you arrive in any country you are very vulnerable especially when it is your first visit. Therefore splash out and treat yourself to the luxury of a hotel limousine, they are not ridiculously expensive and you can arrive with peace of mind.

Things are changing in Manila especially at the airport, but always keep an eye on your bags. This includes when they are passing through the x ray machine. Try to keep your eyes on them at all times.

In Manila the best way to get around is by taxi. Generally all the taxis are safe however if you do have reservations then simply go to one of the major hotels which you never will be too far from and ask them to call you one or even use their hotel car. All the taxis have meters which start at 25 pesos. Some taxi driver will claim the meter does not work etc. If this is the case simply get out and get another taxi.

If you require a taxi for a couple of days, longer or even for just a day, we can recommend one driver. He speaks good english, has a sense of humour and knows his way around. You can call him on his mobile to organise a price, his name is Mr. Joe Villaro, mobile number - 0917 - 416 1156.

The jeepnees look fun and colourful but we do not recommend you take one unless you are somewhere like Cebu Island. In Manila we would only travel by official taxi.

The new train system has opened, but is not overly useful as it is not yet fully spread around the city.

Having said all this the Philippines is a great place to visit and the Philippines people are lovely. Taking a few of the little precautions will help, with your trip and will hopefully minimise any potential problems.

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